Clay Labs
is a boutique software design
and development studio.

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We work with clients to solve their software technology problems. We start by understanding what our clients face, and what they need solved. We study, analyze, brainstorm, design, execute and deliver the best solution to enable their business plans.

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Here is a selection of our work:

Bus route and schedule search

We designed and developed Ticketgoose’s query system. This included a complete User-Interface redesign to show search results visually and intuitively. Anticipating the escalated demands of the enhanced frontend, we proposed and implemented several backend infrastructure modules including an advanced caching system, and an event driven networking stack for real-time updates to results. Six months after releasing the new look, Ticketgoose is still the only site to show the seat availability map in a bus-layout with every result, and they are considered the innovators in their field.


Highly scalable telephone conferencing

This customized product includes a conferencing server to mix calls, and mobile apps to manage these conferences. Native apps were developed for all major platforms—iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Symbian. On the backend, we developed a high-performance conferencing server system that could handle 100,000 simultaneous calls on consumer grade hardware.

Helpdesk Pilot
Online support desk ticketing system

An excellent example of why good software practices make good products, our work on Helpdesk Pilot involved rewriting the client’s existing system from scratch to eliminate security vulnerabilities and make the product more modular, adaptable to modifications, and suitable for new feature additions. This involved architectural changes, which enabled the system to be launched as a SAAS cloud solution called HappyFox. The new system was also made with a scalable architecture to handle much heavier loads than before.